Only Texas could come up with the exciting, thrilling and amazing Zero Gravity Thrill Park. This amusement park is Dallas at its very best. When this incredible park opened in 1992, they had just one goal. They wanted to be the most extreme amusement park the world had ever seen. After twenty years, it is safe to say they succeeded brilliantly. These rides are exceptional for families, couples, singles and groups. This is the place to come for the thrill of a lifetime, combined with the most vigorous of safety precautions and restrictions.

Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping has become a classic, and nobody does it better than the Zero Gravity Thrill Park. There is a permanent tower used for bungee jumping called the Air Boingo tower. This revolutionary platform was designed just for the unique thrill of bungee jumping. As you feel the excitement of the air rushing past your face, know your safety has been ensured with a triple system. The bungee cords are super-elastic, and provide an incredibly smooth ride. The nylon safety straps are powerful and will catch you with grace and ease. The air bags would do a stuntman proud, and will accommodate jumps well above seven stories. This is the way to experience the thrill of a lifetime.

The Skycoaster

The Skycoaster is exhilarating, and sends three guests right through the air at an astonishing sixty miles per hour. You can feel the anticipation building as you are lifted up 110 feet. Then take a deep breath, because the thrill of the glide is about to begin. This steel cabling is unbelievably strong, and far surpasses the weight restrictions of the passengers. These hang gliding style harnesses are professional quality because Zero Gravity Thrill Park takes safety as seriously as they do thrills.

The Texas Blastoff

Most people have already been shot into the sky by a ride, but you better prepare yourself for something so extreme, it will take your breath away. This is a lot like a giant slingshot, and two people are shot straight up into the air at zero to seventy in 1.2 seconds. This is the same speed as a top fuel dragster, and everyone knows how exciting those are. This ride does not end here, instead of coming right back down, you enter into a topsy-turvy freefall with a four-bungee apparatus. This is flips, turns and twists to the extreme. The seats are held in an unbreakable grip by four super-elastic bungee cords, and reinforced with heavy-duty nylon straps. As you get ready for your adventure, you will be strapped into a real racing seat with full body straps. Once you are strapped in good and tight, prepare to be blown away with an entirely new experience.

Nothing but Net

The Zero Gravity Thrill Park reached new limits with Nothing but Net. You will be lifted all the way to the top of a sixteen-story tower, then let go. The excitement of no straps, no parachute and no bungee will have your blood pumping in your veins. You will be greeted by a safety net after the indescribable feeling of falling 130 feet. There are no safety worries because the park thought of everything. This unique, patented release system makes certain you are falling in the perfect, low center gravity position. When you make your phenomenal landing, you will be supported by safety nets well secured with high-quality, reinforced rigging. Once you experience the superb smoothness of this landing, your first though will be to do it all over again.

The Skyscraper

This is the latest thrill ride, and voted one of Dallas-Forth Worth's top ten best activities. Imagine being strapped with your friend to a 165-foot propeller. This windmill is massive, and picks up a lot of speed fast. In just seconds, you will be moving at sixty miles per hour. Once you reach the maximum velocity of four G's of force, you will be moving faster than a space shuttle at takeoff. By the time the adrenaline rush slows down, you are 165 feet above the ground. Take a good look around because this is the Dallas skyline that has mesmerized people for decades. Four people can experience these thrills together, and this extreme attraction is perfect for family and friends. The bottom line is the Zero Gravity Thrill Amusement Park Dallas TX provides some serious and unforgettable excitement.

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